Who We Are & A Brief History

A Brief History

Our Values & Purpose

Our Staff

Don Finley

Senior Pastor

"God is good, therefore life is good!"

Ann Finley

Associate Pastor

"Our words create worlds. What kind of world are you creating? "

Andrew Foster

Associate Pastor

" I don't believe in quotes, I believe in Jesus!"

Leah DeVyldere

Children's Pastor

"All children are experts at FAITH. They can teach us a lot about how to enter God's Kingdom" Matt 18:3-5

Derrick Griffin

Youth Pastor

"Today is the best day yet"

Suzanne Hoselton

Nursery Coordinator

Kim Baker

Administrative Assistant

"It's all about Family! spoken by a true Babiska (or grammy if you don't know German!)"

Jodi Casebier

Facilities Manager and Life School Coordinator

"Why do I love otters? Because they're creative and love having fun!"

Heather Weiss

LSSM Manager

"Jesus is not asleep in the boat, He is calling you to walk on the water!"

Crystal Givens

Ourtreach Coordinator

"Ask me how many children I want, and I'll tell you 100."

Chantal Bradshaw

Wholeness & Media Coordinator

"It's a good morning for healing, wholeness, and oh yeah... a cup of coffee!"

Leadership Team

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