Who We Are & A Brief History

Life Church is a non-denominational church affiliated with Global Legacy. We believe every congregation should be     free to pursue God's purpose and specific calling while being submitted to and joined with the greater Body of Christ.


A Brief History

Before Life Church was it's name, we were known as Willamette Christian Fellowship, which was originally established and had its first service on October 31, 1982. Mike Herron moved from Portland, Oregon to start the church with his wife, Marsha, and their three children. After renting space for a year, the church purchased an old carpet warehouse on Moyer Lane in West Salem.


The church grew rapidly, and there was much work involved in renovating the building to make it a useful facility. As blessing continued, the church searched for a larger property where there would be room for more growth. In August of 1993, the West Salem campus of Salem Academy was purchased.


In January of 1995, Don Finley was set in as the senior leader of Willamette Christian Fellowship. Mike and Marsha Herron felt led by the Lord to pursue full-time traveling ministry, and they have continued to minister around the world while staying connected to our church body.


In January of 2000, we changed our name from Willamette Christian Fellowship to LIFE CHURCH. The years have brought many changes to the campus: the demolition of the old gymnasium, the building of the parking lot, and multiple renovation projects on the buildings. After 15 years of leasing space for their elementary school, Salem Academy moved out in June of 2009. This change means we occupy the entire campus, which includes 11 acres of property and all the buildings.


We are currently renovating the building that was occupied by the school. It is becoming our Life Training Center. By the end of 2014 we opened our Children's Wing, finishing the renovations of the large room and two large classrooms. We are very excited for our kids to have ample classroom space and room to learn and grow!


The new entry area and Youth Group Loft was opened in April 2017. Coming soon this area will house a coffee shop and provide an area for fellowship and community.

Our Values & Purpose

Our values are the ministry philosophies that guide our behavior and culture.


Our Purpose Is: Leading People Into Real Life

Real Life is experiencing the living God, being transformed into His image and demonstrating His Kingdom in the earth. There is a life God intends for you... REAL life. (John 10:10) More than simply existing, it is becoming the person God created you to be. We want you to experience God in such a way as to transform you into one who expresses the nature of Christ to the world.


The Good News

God is good, and He’s in a good mood. His story is all about His plan to redeem us to Himself because He loves us. We live to declare the promises of this Good News (The Gospel) and to experience real life in Christ.


His Presence

We will seek first His presence so that all we do can be orchestrated by Him.


A Culture of Honor

We are cultivating a community where everyone is empowered to live free. The Bible says to honor (value) all people. This means that we are to honor people whether we believe they deserve it or not. We won’t allow a person’s character defects to have control over how we treat them.


A Missional Mindset

We are history makers who are commissioned to change the world. We have become ambassadors of reconciliation, first to Salem, and ultimately to the ends of the earth. Our mission is not to build a better church, but to build a better world.


God Given Identity

‘I am who God says I am.’ This phrase declares our belief that we are only defined by Him who made us. We were uniquely created to bear His image, walk in His authority and live like royalty.

Our Staff

Don Finley

Senior Pastor

"God is good, therefore life is good!"

Ann Finley

Associate Pastor

"Our words create worlds. What kind of world are you creating? "

Andrew Foster

Associate Pastor

" I don't believe in quotes, I believe in Jesus!"

Leah DeVyldere

Children's Pastor

"All children are experts at FAITH. They can teach us a lot about how to enter God's Kingdom" Matt 18:3-5

Derrick Griffin

Youth Pastor

"Today is the best day yet"

Kim Baker

Administrative Assistant

"It's all about Family! spoken by a true Babiska (or grammy if you don't know German!)"

Diane Foster


"Love simply. simply love." "CHOCOLOVE."

Jodi Casebier

Facilities Manager and Life School Coordinator

"Why do I love otters? Because they're creative and love having fun!"

Heather Weiss

LSSM Manager

"Jesus is not asleep in the boat, He is calling you to walk on the water!"

Crystal Givens

Ourtreach Coordinator

"Ask me how many children I want, and I'll tell you 100."

Chantal Bradshaw

Wholeness & Media Coordinator

"It's a good morning for healing, wholeness, and oh yeah... a cup of coffee!"

Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team consists of a small, core group of Elders committed to walking together in love, while helping set the course and direction for Life Church! We meet regularly to share testimonies, good things God is doing, and ideas for building & growing strength in the body.
Team includes: 
Don & Ann Finley: Lead Pastors
Kit Casebier, Jodi Casebier
Andrew  Foster
Don Pike
Jon Huntley
Josiah Muckey
Shelby Morgan

Covering of the Apostolic Counsel

The Apostolic Counsel is a group of Fathers to this house who are in relationship with  Pastor Don and the Leadership Team. They act as a source of guidance, support and covering for this team of leaders. They offer our community strength and counsel when needed.