We at Life Church believe it is a privilege to sow into the Kingdom of God with our money.  Our heart is to give cheerfully without compulsion (2 Cor. 9:7) and in faith, believing that God will provide for our every need (Phil. 4:19).  God is the ultimate example of a giver, in that He gave the most precious thing He had - His only Son (John 3:16).  We want to be like our Father - giving of our t ime, our talents, and our treasures.  Each month, we set aside 10% of our plate offerings to go into a separate account for missions, as we believe it is crucial to be pouring into our world.  You may click on these links to learn more about the missionaries and churches we support and Life World Missions.


There are a few different ways for you to practice giving at Life Church: 

1. DROP YOUR GIFT INTO THE OFFERING BAG DURING A SUNDAY SERVICE: On Sundays, we receive cash, checks, and debit/credit card gifts during the offering. We have envelopes available in the seat backs and in the brochure rack, which you can place your gift into while the offering is being received during service. These envelopes have a debit/credit information card enclosed, if you would prefer to pay by card.  

 If using the debit/credit card form:

Please complete ALL of the information on the form: Address, Zip Code, Expiration Dates, Three Digit Security Code. Even if you have completed a card before we DO NOT store your information.  For a recurring transaction, that information is entered and stored in our system, but if you needed to change the amount or date, we DO need all the information again, or you can call and give those changes over the phone.


2. NEW, QUICK, EASY TRANSACTION AT THE INFO COUNTER: We now have a quick and easy solution for tithing at the Info Counter after service. We have card swipers available, giving us the capacity to run transactions on the spot! Meet us at the Info Counter after service to do so.


3. USE YOUR BANK BILL PAY SYSTEM: Whether you set it to be automatic or you select it each time, your bank bill pay will print and mail checks to anybody you desire.  Just enter LIFE CHURCH as your "bill" and use our P.O. Box address as listed above in the "Mail" section.  The bank will mail it to us on the date you have chosen.


4. MAIL OR DROP OFF YOUR GIFT OR CALL US AT THE CHURCH OFFICE DURING THE WEEK: If you'd like to mail your tithe during the week, please send it to the followship address:

P.O. Box 5350

Salem, OR 97304

Our staff is in the office between the hours of 9am-4pm Mondays through Thursdays if you'd like to personally drop off your gift.  You may also call us at 503-362-0362 if you would prefer to run a card transaction over the phone.



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