Cafe Life

Cafe Life is an essential part of Life Church's welcome center. Despite how your Sunday morning has started, good or bad, Cafe Life is there to share Jesus's love (and caffeine). We create all kinds of delicious drinks, from mochas and cappuccinos to hot teas and Italian sodas. Cafe Life is also an easy, comfortable way for church visitors to interact with the body (and get free coffee).  Our hope is that every person who walks into Life Church feels welcome and loved.  If you are a visitor, fill out a Life Touch Card from the church bulletin and turn it in to the Cafe to get a free drink! 


Meet Our Cafe Life Directors, Quinn & Katy Burke:QuinnKaty_border

Katy and Quinn worked and met at Starbucks, where they learned the art of fine hand-crafted beverages and coffee's ability to facilitate social engagement. They grew to love espresso, interacting with regular customers and then, one day, they began to love each other! Katy was Quinn's supervisor, so Quinn was promptly sent off to a different Starbucks. They later married and rekindled their coffee relationship by working together in Cafe Life - where Quinn now supervises Katy! Today, Katy works as a second grade teacher and Quinn works for the Union Gospel Mission of Salem. They have two children. . . that they plan on having someday (one boy and one girl).

Fun facts: Katy thinks Quinn is awesome and strong. Quinn thinks Katy is totally right.


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