Prayer Chain

The Life Church Prayer Chain has been standing in the gap for members of our Body and beyond for 20+ years.  The chain consists of faithful prayer warriors who are informed with each new prayer request coming in from the church Body; these people take time out of their day to bring these requests before the Father.  Anybody can submit a prayer request, via phone, email, or Life Touch Cards.  The Prayer Chain is notified as soon as possible, and will pray for needs of any kind.  You may also use the email listed below to connect with our leader, Ann, about becoming a part of the Prayer Chain yourself!

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 503-362-0362


Meet Our Prayer Chain Director, Ann Wunsch:

annw2Ann and her husband, Bob, have been faithful, life-giving members of Life Church since 1986. Ann has a special burden on her heart to pray for the body of Christ, and about five years ago, she was able to see that happen on a grander scale through the Life Church Prayer Chain. They used to spread the word through phone, but now they have moved to getting the word out via email. Her heart is to see lots of people participate in the Prayer Chain, because it connects us to the rest of the body. She likes being able to connect with others, support them through tough times, and see them restored! The Life Church Prayer Chain receives all kinds of requests - none is too small! Ann's hope is for the Chain to get better about following up and getting updates, so that we can either keep interceding for breakthrough or rejoice in what God has done! The goal of the Life Church Prayer Chain is to help connect the body of Christ and let people know that there are others advocating for them. Ann and Bob have three grown children, Michelle, Sarah, and Josiah.  

Fun Facts:  - "I act like a middle schooler because I'm around them all day." Ann's been teaching for 15 years!

- "People would never expect that you could find dead birds and cow eyeballs in my fridge. My neighbors will call me up and give me dead animals and I'll dissect them. One time an old friend asked if I wanted a cow head - I said 'sure' and put it into the fridge in our garage.  My husband, Bob, didn't know...when he opened the fridge one day, he jumped back about 8 ft!  Now he's always really cautious about checking the fridge." :) 

- Enjoys canning and is involved in Children's Ministry

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