Intercessory Prayer

Scripture tells us to "pray without ceasing" (1 Thess. 5:17).  At Life Church, intercession is an indispensable part of both our support and our ministry.  In revival history, prayer is the fuel to ignite a city, a land, and its people toward God.  We know that God has called us, as His people, to pray, and that in any circumstance He hears us and is faithful to answer.  The main focuses of our intercessory prayer group is praying for the church (leaders and ministries), our city, and specific nations each time we gather.  Also, we are taking on prayer for the I-5 Corridor; it's the number one area for human trafficking in the nation.  Since starting the group, God has been faithful to provide specific prayer focuses.  He leads the way.  Anyone is invited to pray - just have an open heart to hear what the Spirit is saying, and declare it!  Even if you are new to intercession, it's a great place to jump in and learn as you stand alongside others.  That's how Julie, our intercessory leader, says that she learned.  In the future, Julie would like to see prayer walks and journeys happen in specific locations as the Spirit leads, as well.  Intercessory Group Prayer meetings are held periodically after church on Sundays.  Call the church office for the next upcoming prayer meeting: 503-363-0362.


Meet Our Intercessory Group Leader, Julie Smith:

"I’m the editor and writer for the Elijah List, a Christian Publishing Company, and have been in publishing for eight years with a background of 15 years in business. I started attending Life Church in 2006.  For me, everything starts in prayer. God said to me, 'Prayer is the key to unlock cities and nations.' In starting an intercession prayer group in 2012, God told me several things, 'Declare a thing and it will be established for you,' and He told me to 'saturate the ground in prayer.'  Our goals are to pray for our church and ministries, our city, and focus on specific nations in each prayer gathering.  One of my passions is to see Thailand, my home country, transformed into the Kingdom of God."

Fun Facts: "Anything Thai is my passion, with Thai food being at the forefront.  If I’m not working, writing, or spending time with family and friends, you’ll find me running or riding my bike."

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