Who We Support

Who are we, as a church body, pouring into?  What ministries and people are we supporting financially and prayerfully as they bring the kingdom of heaven to earth?



The Poliakov Family

Nikolai and Tatyana Poliakov are members of Life Church, yet travel extensively into Russia, helping to establish churches, support church leaders, and go into remote areas to share the good news!  Nikolai and Tatyana were both born in Ukraine, and grew up in the Pentecostal underground church during the Soviet Union. In 1992, they began to minister in the Far East of Russia, planting churches. Today, they work with orphanages and prisons, and give humanitarian aid to needy people. The uniqueness of this work is a ministry to the tribal people: Koryaks, Evens, Itelmens, and Aleuts. Those people live in the tundra area and most of them are reindeer herders. Today there are churches even among the indigenous people groups.  Nikolai and Tatyana have four children: Karolina, Nick, Sergei, and Andrew.  This family has sown much into the Kingdom and bring great strength to our church body.  Let's declare the goodness and blessing of God over them as bring the love of Jesus into both Russia and the United States!  


Brandon & Bethany Baird

BrandonandBethany1Brandon and Bethany have been a wonderful and powerful addition to the Life Church body ever since they moved to Salem from Astoria in 2004. They've been together since high school and married since 2006. Both completed Life School, and have been trained up to bring "real life" and the love of Christ wherever they go. For years, they have felt a call to take the gospel to Mexico, and to live there as missionaries. In October of 2012, they were finally ready to go! They now live and serve in Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico under the leadership of Bob & Miki Scott of Faith Ministries. Their goal is to the serve and love there with all they can until the fall of 2013. Together, their mission as Embracing Life Ministries is to bridge gaps, deepen relationships, and love on purpose. Brandon & Bethany want to see unity in the Body of Christ; people experiencing real relationships with each other and with God; and never ending, never biased love. Join us in supporting this amazing couple as they bring the love of Christ to Mexico! Learn more about Brandon & Bethany at their website.  


The "Z" Family

thezfamily(Due to the nature of serving in a closed country, certain details about the "Z" Family will remain anonymous in order to protect them and people who work with them.) 

M & H and their kids live as full-time missionaries in China, serving top house church leaders. Originally from Salem, OR, they are dear friends to many of us at Life Church. They have been living in China since 2008, speak Chinese, and they don't particularly like the local food. (They think that the best Chinese food is located in America.)

Unlike your typical missionary family, they have a number of entities that serve as a platform for their nationwide ministry in China amongst the underground house churches. Among other things, these entities, workers, and volunteers help Chinese churches to save babies through the national pro-life alliance that they initiated. Because of the nature of their work and to protect those that they work with, their identities are not public. Please join with us to pray and support this amazing family that is working on the front lines!

For more information about the "Z" Family or to sign up to receive their newsletters, contact the Life Church office and they will connect you directly.


chinaFacts about China:

  • 1.3 billion people
  • Communist/Atheistic since 1949
  • Persecution still happens today
  • Between 14-30 Million babies abandoned, sold or trafficked each year (as a result of the one-child policy)
    • Even among Christians and in Churches
  • The largest church in the world - mostly “underground”
  • Heaven will be mostly populated with Chinese (statistically speaking)



SonRise Church


We at Life Church have joined forces with SonRise Church located in downtown Salem.  SonRise is a radically loving church that reaches out to all, especially the homeless and hurting youth of our city.  Pastor Mark Morrow's heart is to touch people with the truth of Jesus, not dead religion. Stitches Outreach for youth and Supper@SonRise are also hosted at their location.  Check out their website for additional information: www.salemsonrisechurch.com

"This ministry is in the trenches, behind enemy lines, in the Salem area. We are missionaries, sent to the spiritually darkest and monetarily poorest souls in Salem. Daily, we are the light of Jesus to the broken, the homeless, the suicidal, the thieves, gangs, strippers, pagans, the sexually confused, substance addicted...the deceived. Our call is to the lost—enslaved by sin, self, and Satan. Our ministry is to the blind, whose minds have been darkened by the god of this world. At SonRise, eyes are being opened for the first time, to the beauty and glory of God. Know this…the power of God…the only authentic, authoritative power—is saving souls and changing lives. We are blessed to walk among the spiritually dead, seeing God breathe new life into dry bones.

 Thank you for your prayers and support. We are all members of a greater cause than the lines drawn by denominationalism. We are missionaries sent by you, the members of the Kingdom of God. God bless you spiritually with His overwhelming presence."


John 20:21

-Pastor Mark Morrow


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