Who We Are

Life Church is a non-denominational church affiliated with Global Legacy. We believe every congregation should be free to pursue God's purpose and specific calling while being submitted and joined with the greater body of Christ.

A Brief History

Willamette Christian Fellowship had its first service on October 31, 1982. Mike Herron moved from Portland, Oregon to start the church with his wife Marsha and their three children. After renting space for a year, the church purchased an old carpet warehouse on Moyer Lane in West Salem. The church grew rapidly and there was much work involved renovating the building to make it a useful facility. As blessing continued, the church searched for a larger property where there would be room for more growth. In August of 1993, the West Salem campus of Salem Academy was purchased.

In January of 1995, Don Finley was set in as the senior leader of Willamette Christian Fellowship. Mike and Marsha Herron felt led of the Lord to pursue full time traveling ministry and they have continued to minister around the world while staying connected to WCF. In January of 2000, we changed our name from Willamette Christian Fellowship to LIFE CHURCH. The years have brought many changes to the campus; the demolition of the old gymnasium, the building of the parking lot and multiple renovation projects on the buildings. After 15 years of leasing space for their elementary school, Salem Academy moved out in June of 2009. This leaves the entire campus, including 11 acres of property to be occupied by Life Church.

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