Our Values

Our values are the ministry philosophies that guide our behavior and culture:


The Good News

God is good and He’s in a good mood.

His story is all about His plan to redeem us to Himself because He loves us.

We live to declare the promises of this good news (gospel) and to

experience real life in Christ.

His Presence

We will seek first His presence so that all we do can be orchestrated by Him.

A Culture of Honor

We are cultivating a community where everyone is empowered to live free.

The Bible says to honor (value) all people. This means we honor people

whether we believe they deserve it or not. We won’t allow a person’s

character defects have control over how we treat them.

A Missional Mindset

We are history makers who are commissioned to change the world.

We have become ambassadors of reconciliations, first to Salem and

ultimately to the ends of the earth. Our mission is not to build a better

church, but to build a better world.

God Given Identity

‘I am who God says I am.’ This phrase declares our belief that we are

only defined by Him who made us. We were uniquely created to bear

His image, walk in His authority and live like royalty.


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